Country Walk

Today was to have been the ‘usual’ two miles to and from work. I managed the first leg walking from Saltley into work.

By afternoon, the weather had improved and we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny spring day. Too good to waste on a two mile walk along a Birmingham canal.

At the end of the work day, I caught the 97 bus from outside work, alighting near to Birmingham Business Park.

From the bus, I walked towards Coleshill, crossing over the M6 and under the M42.

Along the main road (Coventry Road) I strode, passing my old school.

Half way along the high street, I turned off and headed for the country, crossing the River Blythe and heading for Maxstoke Golf Club.

The golf club was crossed. Luckily it was now dark so there was little chance of being hit by a stray ball.

Leaving the golf club, I crossed Castle Lane then followed a winding road towards Dumble Farm before heading off across the fields.

The footpaths were quite indistinct across the fields and I had to pull up some maps on my phone to make sure that I was going the right way.

Post-fields, I was on the outskirts of Shustoke where I was surprised to see that I was in ‘Pole Position’. Just a random bit of paint on the ground !

The final stretch was through a spooky wood (it wasn’t really all that spooky) across another field and alongside a road.

Just before seven, I arrived at, you guessed it, The Griffin.

It had been nice to get out into the country even if half of it was after dusk.

6.69 Miles in 1:35 (14:14 pace) bringing the yearly total to 415 miles.

Rest day tomorrow ahead of an easy 10 + 10 weekend.

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