The day started with the usual 94 bus ride to Saltley followed by a wake-up two miler into work.

After work, with eleven miles to cover, I re-traced my steps from this morning then continued onward towards Star City and beyond.

There were graffiti and daffodils to be seen before the sun dipped below the horizon and the lights had to come out.

My walk continued under Spaghetti Junction and onto the Birmingham and Fazeley canal.

I tried out a new lighting system tonight.

Usually, I rely on a head torch. Great idea, leaving the hands free but in cold conditions the view is obscured every time I breath out as the cloud of water vapour envelopes me in my own cloud.

As well as the head torch, I also strapped a Lil Larry LED torch to the waist strap on my back pack. The lower position creates stronger shadows, accentuating any ground features such as roots and rocks.

Tonight wasn’t cold so there was no personal cloudy micro-climate but the combination of light sources worked very well. I even switched the head torch from flood to spot as the near field was covered by Lil Larry.

I carried on passing a yard full of diggers on the outskirts of Minworth.

After the diggers and The Cuttle Bridge Inn, the solid footpath gave way to hardened mud for the last section of canal to Curdworth.

After passing through Curdworth, unkindly sometimes named Turdworth due it’s proximity to the Minworth sewerage works, the roads were left behind as I took a track then path to Water Orton.

I jogged (not quite a run) over the single track pack horse bridge making the cars wait until I had crossed.

From Water Orton, a short, familiar walk up Attleborough Lane and over the M42 / M6 / A452 brought me back home.

A slight, on the hoof, miscalculation resulted in me having walked twelve miles instead of the planned eleven.

At some point on tonight’s walk, I passed the 400 mile mark.

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