Sunday Strolls (plural)

After yesterday’s twenty three miles, I needed to do another eleven today to complete this weekend’s back-to-back session. As well as getting lots of miles in, back-to-backs train the body to exercise on tired legs.

I left the house around half seven, crossing the M6 and headed for something a bit more countryfied. I passed through Water Orton then on towards Coleshill.

Coleshill Parkway railway station was passed after three miles. So far this is a common route for me and I can count the miles off as I pass familiar landmarks …

Mile 1Ed’s House
Water Orton
Mile 2End of Gypsy Lane
Water Orton
Mile 3Traffic Lights before
Coleshill Parkway

The steep hill over the railway was traversed and the trail followed to Hams Hall Distribution Park. Many lorries are often parked up here waiting, I assume, for the various outlets to open to receive or dispatch goods. Many park up on the grass verges (or what once were grass verges) as can be evidenced by the many slain lamp-posts.

After a mile or so of pretty boring roads, I turned off and, following a sign for Water Orton, came to a path alongside the River Tame.

This could be a rather nice path if it wasn’t for the occasional junk that had been thrown over the fences from the adjacent factories.

I took out my earphones along this section so that I could enjoy the bird-song.

At the end of the waterside walk, I took a mile diversion towards Whitacre Heath and back. It was on this spur, that I was greeted by an old running partner, Ed, going in the opposite direction.

Another short stretch along the Tame brought me back to Coleshill parkway which I knew was only three miles from home (see chart above).

Two hours, thirty six minutes and ten seconds after starting, I stopped.

My watch recorded eleven miles and apparently I’d burnt 1133 calories.

Before lunch, my other half decided that she wanted to go for a walk. A little unusual as she generally says that she gets bored walking.

We chose Sutton Park as there is a lot going on there with the birds, trees etc. We parked at Boldmere gate then made our way to the start of the parkrun.

Around this point, the other half, stated that her trusty walking shoes were rubbing her ankle. I suggested turning back before it got too bad but she said that she would carry on.

We followed the route of the parkrun ascending the Hill of Doom. As we approached the Memorial stone, the heel was very sore and the pace slowed with frequent stops. She had also gotten bored by this point !

Approaching a car park, I suggested that I shoot off and bring the car up to meet her in this car park – this she enthusiastically agreed to. And that’s just what I did.

Maybe the other half is not cut out for this walking lark ?

On the selfish, plus side, another 3.7 miles, bringing the totals to …

WEEK64.2 miles
YEAR384.7 miles


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