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Another exciting 2 + 2 miles to and from work.

Following on from last night’s shenanigans with iPhones and watches, where I managed to get both my Fenix 5 and the other half’s vivofit HR+ to sync with my watch, I decided to field test the vivofit HR+ on my walk to work.

Just before getting off the bus, I selected walk and then outdoor (GPS). There is the option of indoor and outdoor workouts, with the former counting steps and calculating the distance whilst the latter uses GPS.

After alighting from the bus, I waited a few minutes for the watch to find the GPS satellites. After around five minutes, I gave up and tracked my walk into work with the endomondo app on my phone.

Later, at work, I popped into the car park and tried again. In less than a minute, the Wait display had changed to a Ready display. I pressed the button to start and strode off up the car park.

At the end of my 0.02 mile walk, I pressed to button to stop tracking and saved the activity. Straight away, my phone buzzed and there on the screen was an alert saying that my activity was available for viewing. Everything had worked.

Leaving work, I selected Walk / Outdoors (GPS) and satellites were acquired within seconds. My two miler back to the bus stop was recorded correctly and synced as soon as I’d save the activity.

The Vivofit HR+ worked well in recording my walk but is not as good as my Fenix. The main problem with the much smaller unit is that the numbers are just too small and, for me, are just about legible sans spectacles ! The battery life is also a lot less – around five days but only around about six hours when using the GPS. Compare this with weeks and around sixteen hours for the Fenix.

On the downside, the Fenix is about twice the weight and physically bigger than the Vivofit but the digits are big enough to read. The Fenix also does barometer, compass, limited maps but costs four times as much ! You get what you pay for.

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