Sorted !

An easy day walk-wise with a two mile walk at each end of the working day.

I am still awaiting an email from Garmin with the return retails for my watch (see my Technology Post – LINK). To recap, my Garmin Fenix 5 doesn’t sync with my iPhone.

Out of desperation, I did yet another Google search and came across a new thread on the sync problem. Instead of the problem being at the watch end of the pairing the fault lies with a recent iOS upgrade (iOS 12.1.4).

Luckily, an even more recent update (12.2) is available. Worth a try?

I downloaded and installed the update.

Once all was installed, I restarted the Garmin Connect app and pressed the sync icon.

It worked. I did it again. It worked again.

Feeling buoyed by this, I added my other half’s Vivofit HR+. That synced as well. Happy Days !

Maybe I won’t send my watch back to Garmin after all.


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