Wet Sunday

To complete this weekend’s back to back walks, I dragged myself out of a nice warm bed and out into a cold, wet morn.

I may have imbibed a little last night so wasn’t 100% as I headed out of the front door and headed onward.

I slipped my way along the muddy track to Attleborough Lane and hence to Water Orton.

I continued through a, living up to it’s name, Water Orton then on to Coleshill.

I crossed over the railway at Coleshill Parkway before walking a lap of Hams Hall Distribution Park.

This huge park covers 430 acres and houses warehouses for the likes of Sainsbury’s, The Works, DHL and BMW. There are always lorries from around Europe parked up waiting.

Also, on site, is a rail distribution centre where containers are customs cleared before whizzing off to the Channel Tunnel.

After my excursion past the trucks, I was back at the railway station from where I retraced my steps arriving home after a nine mile soggy stroll.

Back at base, after getting out of my wet clobber, I uploaded my walk and filled in my #1000 miles tracker.

This week’s total of 70.5 miles is a bit higher than planned due to the extra miles covered messing about with the car on Wednesday.

The total is up to 322 miles after six weeks – an average of 54.4 miles per week.

The best bit is seeing the consistency of the training.

I’ve a fifty seven mile week coming up with a long walk, probably Saturday evening, of 22 miles.


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