Today, according to the master plan, is a REST DAY. It’s all very good clocking up mileage day after day but the body needs time to rebuild and come back stronger. Today was that time.

Catching two buses meant that I had only a short walks to get to work.

Mid-afternoon, I received a call from Alan at Knotts Services to tell me that my car had passed it’s MOT.

It only got better when I asked the cost – a third of what the Vauxhall dealer wanted – yes, ONE THIRD !

After work, I did take a, very easy, mile walk into Birmingham city centre to catch a bus to Knotts Services to pick up the car.

The car, with MOT, was collected and a fistful of wonga handed over.

A short drive soon had me back home.

Mileage for today – Zero.
Mileage for year, still stands at 293.

The rest day should leave me all refreshed for the planned twenty miles tomorrow. I’m doing the parkrun at Sutton Park (3.1 miles) so need another seventeen. I could do it in the evening or, first thing, in the morning BEFORE parkrun.

A quick calculation means that to be ready for parkrun at 09:00 I’d need to start my 17 miles at around 04:30 (leaving a bit of leeway). If I leave home at around 04:00, I can drive to Sutton Park, park in a side street (same as last week) and do two laps of the park – as opposed to just the one lap, last week.

Doing two laps means that I can stop at the car half way around for fresh supplies.

Now, I just need to actually get up at half three !!!


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