MOT Runaround

Today, I had to drop my car off for it’s annual check-up. The garage is about two miles from work so a couple of miles at each end of the working day would boost my total by another four miles or so.

The car was duly dropped off and I took a rather breezy walk, along the canal, into work.

Mid-morning, I got a text message saying that my trusty stead had failed on a number of things but the garage could put it all right for a few hundred quid.

Not happy with their quote (including £239 to change the oil !!!) I called a garage that we used to use for all things car. “Bring it in”, Alan said, “I can do it a lot cheaper than that”. Music to my ears.

I arranged to leave work early and clocked up another two miles going back to the dealer to pick up my vehicle which was driven over to Knotts Services.

I left the car with Alan and his team then made my way home. I could have gone to the canal under Spaghetti then follow that home. Instead I cut through the streets including a few small hills, adding another six miles.

What should have been an easy four mile day had turned into an eleven miler.

Back home, I cleaned up and jumped on the scales to see that I’d lost another kilo, I’ve managed to lose 7kg this year.


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