Captain, we are being scanned

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Had to go to work in the car today as I needed to get over to Solihull in the afternoon for my MRI knee scan.

They kept me waiting for a while before strapping me down for twenty minutes of buzzing, banging and clicking (or was it humming, tapping and whirring?) whilst my knee was scanned.

Post-scan, I was instructed to make a further appointment to look at the pictures. “I’ve got next Wednesday at ten past eight?” Suggested the receptionist, “in the evening!”. A tad late, thought I, but that’ll work.

Back to the car, I changed into walking gear before moving the car to a side street away from the hospital. From Damson Wood, a short walk took me to the Grand Union canal. As I was going to be doing an out and back walk, for a bit of variety, I took a muddy footpath which ran parallel to the cut as far as Catherine-de-Barnes where I joined the canal.

The canal was followed for a while, crossing beneath the M40, until it became dark enough to warrant donning my head-torch as I continued on towards The Black Boy pub.

Leaving the bright lights of The Black Boy, the towpath was followed for about another mile until I reached a cross-over bridge. Here I left the canal for a while to walk back along Chapel Lane before re-joining the canal for the walk back to The Black Boy en-route back to Damson Wood.

I really got into my stride along this stretch, clocking my fastest mile at 13:25 pace.

On reaching Catherine-de-Barnes, I continued along the tow path until I had returned to Damson Lane from where a short stroll along the pavement brought me back to the car.

With today’s mileage my total has shot up to 282 miles.

Tomorrow, I have to drop my car off to Lookers at Star City for it’s MOT and service. From here a 2.5 mile walk will take me to work. Doing the same in the afternoon to pick up said car will give me another five miles.

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