Two Walks Tuesday

The master plan called for eleven miles today but I arose early and decided to walk into work. The shortest route is seven miles – not the prettiest but the quickest.

One hour and forty minutes after leaving home I arrived at work. Oddly, after all the hastle with my Garmin yesterday, immediately upon stopping the walk, my watch synchronised. It worked that once but I couldn’t repeat this however many times I tried throughout the day.

After work, even though I only needed to walk a further four miles, I opted to walk back home, clocking up a further seven miles.

As I wasn’t sure that I could get my data off the watch, I also ran the endomondo app on my iPhone as a backup.

Luckily, when back at base, I managed to upload the workout from my watch by physically plugging the watch into my mac.

With the Garmin track and the endomondo app one I was able to compare the two.

Endomondo showed me having performed better, slightly greater distance in the same time so a quicker pace.

For consistency, I removed the endomondo track keeping the Garmin watch track.

My annual total is now up to 270 miles so on my tracker I was able to colour in Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

Tomorrow, I have my knee scan in Solihull so will have to take myself for a stroll along the Grand Union before going home. Twelve miles are on the cards.


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