After a Sunday evening spent trying to resurrect my email accounts (my ISP had deleted all my email addresses) I made my way into work via the familiar bus and two mile walk.

Arriving at work, I stopped my Garmin and clicked to save my workout. At this point the watch usually uploads the workout to the Garmin servers, which shares my data with endomondo. Nothing happened.

I manually synchronised my watch with my iPhone and was presented with an error . After much fiddling, deleting, re-installing and resetting, I was getting nowhere.

A good half hour in a chat with Garmin resulted in them deciding that my watch was at fault and that it would be replaced, gratis.

Back home in the evening, I borrowed my wife’s Vivofit HR+ and tried to pair/sync it with my phone. No good ! Exactly the same – so maybe it’s not my watch.

Digging a bit deeper, revealed that I was getting server errors so, perhaps, there’s something wrong at Garmin’s end?

So perhaps it will all sort itself out, maybe, I’ll get a new watch ?

In the meantime, I’ve always got the endomondo app on my phone as a standby.

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