Wone or O-Nay

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Odd title – so what’s it mean ?

It’s my new shoes. Made by a fairly new entrant to the sports shoe arena, Hoka One One have bucked the trend for more and more minimalist shoes by going the other way and producing a range of very well cushioned, wide soled shoes.

Even if the shoes seem a bit chunky, they are still quite light. The extra cushioning is great for my knee and I’m really warming to these.

The title ? Although the maker’s name looks like Hoka 1 1, apparently, it’s pronounced Hoka o-nay o-nay. It’s based on a Maori phrase meaning flying over the Earth.

Did I do any flying today?

As evening fell, I pulled on my Hokas and headed for the canal at the Tyburn House. It was dark as I descended to the cut so it was on with the head-torch.

A lot of the way my torch was assisted by the street lights on the A38 but at times it was just me and my little bubble of light.

At The Boat pub in Minworth, I left the canal behind taking the minor road to Water Orton from where it was only a mile and a half back to base.

I returned to the smell of home cooking and after a shower, tucked in to a big plate of haggis and mash.

Checking the stats, revealed that I had covered 49.4 miles bring my yearly total to 251 miles – a quarter of the way to my thousand mile target.

I coloured in Herefordshire.

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