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One of those “Not a lot happened, just the usual walking stuff!” sort of day. Got off a couple of…

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Warm Wednesday

Usual two miler to work. Usual two miler after work ? Wrong. It was such a nice sunny day, that…

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All Change

Today should have started, as many others, with a two mile walk from Saltley to work along the Grand Union…

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A very uneventful day, walk-wise. Two miles to work and two miles back. Job done ! Slightly more exciting was…

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Sunday Socks

Another misty start as I ventured out of the house for another ten miles. This wasn’t going to be anything…

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Last Place

Today, I had a mere eleven miles to cover. With the parkrun accounting for three of these this meant that…

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Country Walk

Today was to have been the ‘usual’ two miles to and from work. I managed the first leg walking from…

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Billy Yang Podcast

Often, when walking, I’ll listen to something on my iPod. Going to and from work, it’ll be the news on…

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The day started with the usual 94 bus ride to Saltley followed by a wake-up two miler into work. After…

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I was up a little early this morning so got of the bus at about the half way point and…