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Jan 20 – Crew Required

After all the kerfuffle over the parkrun timing, today would be a little less eventful. Today’s walk would be in…

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Jan 19 – Parkrun Tourist

I was planning on walking the ‘usual’ Kingsbury parkrun today but decided, last night, to play away at a different…

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Jan 18 – The Lurgy

A niggley sore throat, yesterday has incubated overnight and this morning I feel shite.Sore throat, headache blocked nose – I’m…

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Jan 17 – Griffin

Got the bus to Saltley and took the usual two miler to work. After work, a brisk mile and a…

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Jan 16 – Appointment

Easy Wednesday.  Tried a slightly different route for my two miles into work. Tried the usual two mile walk back…

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Jan 15 – Kingshurst

Another easy start with the usual two miler from Saltley. After work, I followed the Grand Union canal through Bordesley…

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Jan 14 – Monday Again

After the weekend, today would be a rest day or at least a rather easy day. I was going to…

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Jan 13 – Taking Stock

Only a short, three mile walk this morning. Nice and easy Water Orton loop. On my return, after a quick…

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Jan 12 – ParkRUN ?

Change of plan. Due to last minute family commitments, I had to cancel the planned walk around Hints with the…

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Jan 11 – That Explains it all (perhaps)

I’ve been doing a spot of blog maintenance involving merging a previous blog (re-running) into this one. After making one…