Jan 30 – Blogging

Not totally happy with the blogging platform that I’ve used for years (on and off) I have been experimenting with a few alternatives.

One of the most popular is WordPress but when using the free, bundled hosting, certain things don’t work, namely my endomondo totals which I want to be displayed on the top of the sidebar.

However, by hosting the blog on my own domain, I can do so much more, including the endomondo thing.

I have imported all my posts from blogger (my previous blogging site) so this blog contains all the entries from as far back as 2013. They may not be properly formatted but at least the contents are here.

WordPress also allows me to mess about with all the .css files so I can customise my pages to the Nth degree.

Walk-wise, today was a fairly easy day with a chilly two miles from Saltley into work along a partially frozen canal.

Come home-time, the canal was still frozen as I tramped the two miles back to catch the bus home.

The highlight of my walking year was going to be the Rowbotham Round Rotherham (RRR) walk in October. Completion of this fifty mile event would count as a qualifier for next year’s LDWA 100. I’ve done it a few times before so shouldn’t have presented too many problems.

However, I accidentally came across a post on a blog for he LDWA 100s saying that the list of qualifying events would change from Jan 2019. Unfortunately, the RRR has been removed, along with a few others, leaving a very short list of …

  • Shropshire Way
  • The Fellsman
  • The Bullock Smithy or
  • having completed 50 miles in a LDWA event

Whichever event is chosen, it needs to have been completed in the preceding year to the 100. The first two take place in April (a bit too soon), I haven’t qualified for a hundred this year which only leaves The Bullock Smithy.

The oddly named Bullock Smithy takes place in September in The Peak District. It starts and finishes near Macclesfield and winds it’s way over Kinder Scout, through Edale, Castleton, High Peak and many other hilly places.

The course in 56 miles long but with around 9,000 feet of ascent. I assume it’s around 9,000 feet of descent as well ! I’m going to have to include a lot of hills in my training between now and September!


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