Jan 29 – Where’s the snow ?

The day started with the usual bus ride to Saltley and a two mile walk along the canal into work.

Listening to the weather at lunchtime I was warned of impending snow – that’d make a nice walk home !

At around 16:30 I dressed ready for the anticipated snowstorm, stepped outside and was instantly bespeckled with a few white flakes. This soon passed as the snow turned to rain which persisted all the way home.

The walk was fairly unexciting as I strode on through the rainfall listening to the Brexit BS on the radio.

Back at base, after a bit of a clean up, I looked at my walk stats. on endomondo. I had worn my chest HR monitor and was glad to see that the HR seems a lot more accurate with the HR trace (red) just a little behing but following the gradients (blue shaded).

The 2019 total now stands at 217 miles. I’ve got an easy four tomorrow and a further eight on Thursday to finish the first month. If all goes to plan the total should have risen to 229.


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