Jan 22 – Matters of the Heart

A slightly different walk to work from the bus – going through Alum Rock and finishing off on the canal.

Just before leaving work, I changed into my walking gear and strapped on my chest mounted heart rate (HR) monitor. I had already set up my Garmin to record from both HR sensors so that I could compare them later.

Wrapped up against the threat of snow I made my way to the canal. It was raining as I started so put my phone inside my pack and pulled on the weather cover. As I got to the canal a few snow flakes landed on me then it stopped.

I stuck to the canal until I got to South Yardley where I switch to the roads.

As I crossed the Coventry Road, I noticed a few cars with a fair bit of snow on them. Strange as I hadn’t seen any snowfall after those first few flakes.

As I descended towards Garretts Green the paths got progressively whiter – someone had had some snow. I stopped and fished my phone from my pack so that I could grab a few (noisy) photos of the snow.

Watching people gingerly pick their ways through the snow, I strode on passing the site of my old college. The only sign that the college ever existed is a road sign.

At Kitts Green, I turned onto Meadway before heading off towards Babbs Mill where I joined one of my familiar routes along the River Cole. It was on this stretch that I got proper snowed on.

At Kingshurst, I headed for my daughter’s home where I was to cadge a lift from my other half.

9.3 miles tonight with 2.5 this morning = 11.7 for the day. Total = 171 miles for the year.

Back at home, I viewed this evening’s walk using the Garmin Connect website so that I could compare the wrist and chest HR monitors.

On the graph, above, the two traces can be seen with the wrist in red and the chest strap in blue.

It’s pretty evident that the chest strap trace is much more even with the blip in the middle the result of climbing a hill.

It’s also pretty obvious that the wrist sensor is fairly crap.


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