Jan 21 – 1 5 0

Monday, so an easy day.

The usual two miles from the bus stop in Saltley to work.

The cold gave me some gyp today but after work I walked back towards Saltley. As I was on 147 after this morning’s walk, I decided to go an extra mile (literally) and continued past my usual exit from the canal.

At Aston Church Road, I left the canal heading up the hill, past Taroni’s and on to Washwood Heath Road. 

A carried on walking until my watch bleeped at three miles. I stopped the watch and continued a short way to the next bus stop.

Back at base, I filled in my tracker at the 150 mark and , on the reverse, coloured in Kent.

My GPS watch, Garmin Fenix 5, has a built-in heart rate monitor which works by reflecting light off the blood vessels at the wrist. I have never really got along with it as can be seen from tonight’s walk (red line). You’d expect a few ups and downs but for what was a steady paced walk it’s all over the shop.

From a previous GPS watch, I have a heart rate sensor that is worn on the chest and can be paired with my current watch. 
Tomorrow, I’ll try the chest strap and to help me compare the two sensors, I have downloaded an app to my Fenix that can read and record the chest strap separately from the wrist sensor.

Hopefully, tomorrow night I can view the two traces together and see how they both perform.


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