Jan 20 – Crew Required

After all the kerfuffle over the parkrun timing, today would be a little less eventful.

Today’s walk would be in the evening as I had a few chores to complete including visiting the pet shop and checking in with my mother.

It was at Mom’s that I met my niece who just happens to own a camper van. Why is this important? Bear with me.

Looking at possible events to take part in, I espied the Equinox 24 hour run (LINK).

As opposed to a ‘normal’ event where a fixed distance has to be covered, this one is for a fixed time and the idea is to see how many miles can be covered. Ideally, to compete in such an event, a support crew is a great asset. 

Having someone to pass you drinks, food and generally keep you going for twenty four hours could really help. A camper van would make an ideal base camp for the crew.

So far, I have the camper van – I just need to find a crew ! I have until September.

Once my tasks were complete we went for a family meal, in the afternoon, to celebrate a couple of grand-kids’ birthdays. After the meal we arrived home and after a quick change I was again out of the front door with an hour and a half to cover the six miles or so to the Griffin where the other half would meet me at 7:30.

With a full moon, I didn’t need to use the head-torch too much as I headed through Water Orton and on to Coleshill parkway.

I skirted past Hams Hall and on to Whitacre Heath.

Taking the easy road to Shustoke left me a mile to get to The Griffin. 

With only a couple of hundred metres to go, a blast of a car horn told me that the other half was going to beat me to the boozer – but only just.

I had covered 6.65 miles in 1:29 – average pace of 13:26 minutes/mile. I was happy with that.

Entering the pub, looking for a table, I spotted a couple of good friends who are keen runners. Guess what we talked about ?

53 miles for the week – 145 for the year.


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