Jan 13 – Taking Stock

Only a short, three mile walk this morning. Nice and easy Water Orton loop.

On my return, after a quick freshen up, I sit down and take stock of what I’ve achieved this year thus far.

In just two weeks, I have …

  • Walked 91 Miles
  • Lost 2kg 
  • Returned to parkrun

I also feel fitter especially as some of my old speed has returned as evidenced at yesterday’s parkrun.

I have entered the Charnwood Marathon on March 23rd. This event caters, well, for runners and walkers with separate start times. It also has a twelve hour time limit but that shouldn’t be an issue – I expect to finish in around seven hours or so.

I am waiting for an appointment to get my knee scanned and from that I hope we can come to some way forward. Day to day, the knee is not too bad and the elasticated brace is used for every walk which seems to hold everything in place.

Ninety two miles = Wiltshire.


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