Jan 12 – ParkRUN ?

Change of plan.

Due to last minute family commitments, I had to cancel the planned walk around Hints with the Heart of England group of the LDWA.

Instead, I decided to partake of the parkrun which with a bit of a warm up could be stretched to five miles.

My parkrun of choice was Kingsbury. 
I arrived a little after 08:00 and after paying my £2 for parking (much reduced for parkrun) parked up and set off, in the drizzle, for a two mile warmup. The two miles ended up at 2.26 miles but it got the heart pumping and the knee settled in.

A tad after nine, over five hundred runners / walkers lined up at the start and at 09:07 we were on our way.

As I would be walking around, I started at the back and it took me over a minute before I crossed the start line. 

As the walk went on, I gradually got faster with my mileage splits being 13:56, 12:57 and 12:40. 

My overall official time was 40:05 which equates to an average of 13:09 minutes per mile or 4.56 miles per hour. Not bad for walking. 

Out of around 550 finishers, I finished in 495th and my SLOWEST parkrun ever. In my defence; I was walking !

This was my 33rd parkrun, having started in 2013. At this rate, I should get my 50 T-Shirt around April … 2023 !!!

After bar-code scanning, I changed then headed for home.

in the evening, I did the ten mile Hams Hall loop crossing the M6 and walking through Water Orton to Coleshill.

The road on the other side of Water Orton, by the old rugby ground, was, as promised last week, closed to traffic but luckily open to pedestrians so I was able to get through.

A pretty uneventful walk but I did spy a couple of green eyes watching me as I went through the woods at the back of Hams Hall. As I turned, my head torch illuminated a small deer who just stood there as I walked by.

Back home, I tallied my walks and discovered that the yearly total now stands at 88 miles – so I coloured in Dorset. With a little, easy, walk tomorrow I should be able to bag Wiltshire.


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