Jan 11 – That Explains it all (perhaps)

I’ve been doing a spot of blog maintenance involving merging a previous blog (re-running) into this one.

After making one big blog, I started to read some of the older posts and come across one from November 2017 …

So, it appears that I took a tumble back in November 2017 landing on my right knee – the one that’s playing up. I wonder if that’s what triggered my current knee problem ?

No bus and walk into work this morning as I had an appointment with the knee specialist.

He asked a few questions and when he asked when did it all start, I was able to tell him, “Probably the 2nd of November 2017”. He got me up on the couch and twisted my leg this way and that whilst asking, “Does THIS hurt”. When he was doing it, it didn’t hurt too much but it did afterwards !

The outcome of my consultation is that I’m to go for a scan after which we are to meet up and discuss the pictures.

From the clinic, I drove into work and will be driving home later.

Walk-wise it’s a rest day.

Tomorrow, I’m booked onto a group walk with the local group of the LDWA. 

These group walks are informal get-togethers led by one of the members and usually around fifteen to twenty miles.

The one I’m planning on doing is entitled Hints of Spring with the  start and finish at a place called Hints near Tamworth. I’m to roll up at 08:30 with drinks and a packed lunch.

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