Jan 10 – New Shoes

The usual two miles into work to start the day.

It was only when I got to work and got changed into my work clothes that I noticed …

… when you have numerous pairs of socks marked L and R it is only a matter of time before they don’t quite get paired up as expected. Today was one of those times !!!

The day got better when I received a parcel – New Shoes ! 

More specifically, a pair of Hoka One One Cliftons.
I chose something with some cushioning to lessen the stress on my knee as a lot of my walking is on tarmac.

Tonight I would test them.

After work, I headed into a foggy Birmingham making my way to New Street Station where I caught a train to Coleshill Parkway. 
The 16:52 Cambridge train left platform 10A on time and deposited me at Coleshill Parkway about ten minutes later.

On the platform, I dug the head torch from my pack, started the Garmin and set off for Hams Hall.

From Hams Hall, I made my way to Whitacre Heath before exploring the lanes around Hogrills End.

After a long stretch alongside the railway, I emerged at Shustoke reservoir. From here it was another mile to my favourite watering hole where I rewarded myself a couple of pints.

My good Lady Wife met me at The Griffin to drive me home.

Tomorrow, I am seeing the knee specialist – watch this space.


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