Jan 5 – Parkrun Day but No Parkrun

In one of my previous lives as a runner, I used to drag myself out of bed on a Saturday morning, head for Kingsbury Waterpark (other parks are available) and run three miles around the park with a few hundred like minded souls.

Apparently, the emphasis is longer on actually running the course and people are being encouraged to Run, Jog or Walk. Kingsbury even has a tail walker to round up the waifs and strays.

So I made up my mind to get up and over to Kingsbury today. In reality, I still managed to get up but opted for my local three mile loop instead. Part of the reason was that I had to be somewhere by 10:00 and not finishing the parkrun until around 09:43 (parkruns start at 09:00) left me too little time.

Going with option 2 – I was back in the house by nine. Maybe next week ?

Once I’d been where I had to be (very secretive, eh?) I had time to update my Country Walking Walk 1000 Miles Progress Tracker. The handy card came with this month’s issue. One side is the usual matrix to fill in with miles walked whilst the flip side is a map of the UK where you can colour in a country for every ten miles covered.

Today I coloured in Guernsey. Today Guernsey, tomorrow, the world !!!


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