Jan 4 – Don’t get me started on Cyclists !

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An easy day with a couple of miles walk from Saltley into work along the canal. Total now stands at twenty nine miles.

On the way in, a cyclist brushed past me – no warning – no bell and no thank you as I stepped out his way.

When I used to cycle I considered myself, and by extension every cyclist, considerate to others. Since becoming a walker, I have come to realise that most, but certainly not all, cyclists are very inconsiderate.

As all bikes come equipped with a bell, it can’t be too difficult to give a little tinkle when approaching another person, be they pedestrian or cyclist, especially when coming up from behind.

Even when wearing earphones, the high frequency ting of a bell can still be heard.

On those rare occasions when I am alerted by a bell, I usually put out my hand to show that I have heard the cyclist’s approach before stepping aside to let them pass. Simple.

Okay, now that I’ve started, let me talk about cycle lights.

Here are two problems …

1) NO lights – a cyclist approaches, without warning (see above) with no lights and they’re on you in no time giving little time to get out of the way.

Just as bad is …

2) MEGA-BRIGHT Lights – Obviously better than no lights, all cyclists out at night should have lights to enable them to see and be seen. But some riders fit super bright lights to the front of their bikes which then dazzle anyone coming in the opposite direction. It must be great being able to see where you are going but is inconsiderate to others. Why can’t they just angle the lights down a bit or dim them? 

Okay, rant over !

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