Dec 31 (not quite 2019)

Although I’m planning on walking 1000 miles in 2019  the Monday of the first week in January happens to fall on the last day of 2018.

To get the ball rolling, I decided to take a walk to a couple of local towns (technically it’s a town and a village).

It was just getting dark when I set out and for the first mile or so I was walking along illuminated city streets.

Beyond this, as the street lights petered out, it was up to the trusty head torch to light the way.

About half way around, I left the tarmac paths and headed across the fields before coming to a bridge which was blocked with a barrier and a sign explaining that the bridge was closed pending a structural survey. Well I wasn’t going to retrace my steps so clambered over said barrier. My structural survey concluded that the bridge was safe – it hadn’t collapsed !

Back on the roads, I came across a fancy Christmas lighting display. Instead of the usual fairy lights or projector, this show was drawn on the side of a house with a laser. The photo shows just one image from a thirty second animated display – I was well impressed.

One hour and forty three minutes after leaving home I had returned with seven miles in the bank – only 993 to go !

Thanks to a brace my knee was okay and a couple of Ibuprofen tablets would keep any swelling to a minimum.


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