Tummy and Torches

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After my walk along the Grand Union, I returned home for something to eat and strangely did not feel at all hungry. I ate very little.

Most of the night I was plagued with an upset stomach and a crushing headache. The following day I felt very rough, spending a lot of the day in bed, rising early evening.

Thinking back on what I’d done the following day, I hadn’t really done anything out of the ordinary but I had, over the day, only drank one coffee and one can of pop. Perhaps I was dehydrated?

Today, I drank copious amounts of water and with a the help of a few paracetamols started to feel a bit more normal. After the restless night I was tired and was back in bed by ten. Today, I awoke refreshed and almost back to normal.

On the plus side, I did receive a little package containing a couple of LED lights. These little lights are rechargeable and should work for up to ten hours on a charge. 

I got a red one for the back of my rucksack and a blue one for the front.

At just over a fiver for the pair, I think that that’s a small price to pay to make me more visible when out walking along poorly lit roads.

I’ve done about twenty five miles, so far, this week and may top that off with another six or so tonight, if I still feel okay.

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