I had to use the car for getting to and from work but once back home, I quickly changed and headed out for a walk around Water Orton – literally around.

I had been planning to walk the six and a half miles to the Griffin but after a suggestion from my other half, I decided on a slightly shorter stroll (and a drive to the boozer).

I had some new kit to try out, namely my new Osprey rucksack and Lil Larry torch.

The walk started easily enough with the hint of snow i the air.

After a couple of miles, or so, I left tarmac and walked along the River Tame, crossing over one railway, over another and under one A road and one M road.

As I got further into the walk, the snow got heavier which was starkly lit by both head-light and torch. I stopped on my return to tarmac, outside of the Dog Inn, to take this photo.

One hour and twenty minutes after setting out, I returned to my front door after clocking up a wintery five and a half miles.

As has been the case recently, I’d walked with my two poles which I seem to be mastering because if you do the maths, my average pace was 14:30 minutes per mile.

Kit-wise, I hardly noticed the rucksack – no uncomfortable bits and no rubbing – Passed.

Torch – very bright, even on the low (95 lumens) setting – Passed.

On the subject of lighting (were we?) I’ve ordered a couple of small, re-chargeable, cycle lights – one blue and one red – which I plan on attaching to my pack to make me a little more visible once the sun’s gone down.

A couple of two mile walks tomorrow as I have to drop my car off for it’s MOT and then walk to and from work.


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