Woe is me

Feeling like death warmed up, I sit at my keyboard writing this.

I think that I’ve got some form of cold, flu or even the dreaded, near fatal, Man Flu !!!

I had to leave work early, yesterday returning home and spending hours tucked up in bed.

Today, I just feel crap – tired, snuffly and generally under the weather. I’ll just take it easy (no walking today) and see if I feel any better tomorrow. Perhaps a short walk could then be on the books for tomorrow evening?

My other medical problem (no, not that embarrassing rash!) is my right knee. My knee has been painful, on and off, for a few months. It doesn’t get too much worse when I exercise although running is a lot worse than walking.

About a month ago, after a visit to the doctor who removed a load of gunk from my swollen knee, I started walking with a couple of walking poles.

This is NOT me !!!

In the past, I have always steered clear of walking poles as I thought of them as getting in the way. Hoping to take some of the stress off my knee, I borrowed a pole and went out for a short walk. It took a bit of time to get used to the pole. It slowed me down but on the plus side did help the knee.

Fuelled with some success, I splashed out and bought myself a couple of poles from Go Outdoors (they had a sale on, you know!).

Every proper walk since mid-January has been done using two walking poles. The technique is coming along and my speed gradually creeping up. 

Using the poles also has an added benefit of exercising more of the body instead of just the bottom half. Arms and shoulders now have a worked feel to them post walking. Best of all the knee is feeling a lot better.

Another, odd, benefit is hand swelling, or lack thereof. It is a little known fact (to non-distance walkers, anyway) that during and after a long walk, the hands swell. Sometimes they can swell enough to make rings painful and necessitating a loosening of wristwatches. The hands can even be painful to move! Honest!

So far, my longest pole walk is only thirteen miles but my hands have shown no signs of swelling.

Poles are the way forward.


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