Rest Day ?

On yesterday’s blog, I promised that I’d take a day off today.

I left work, this evening, and drove to Go Outdoors. I’d already been on the website and had selected a set of walking poles and just needed to pick them up and hand over the readies.

The pair that I eventually decided on are made from Carbon Fibre and Aluminium (not sure which bits are made of which material though) and weight just over 200g each.

Armed with my new poles, I just couldn’t wait to break them in so got home, got changed and grabbing one pole headed out for a stroll to and around Water Orton.

At first (and continuing on from yesterday’s experiments) I was planting the pole almost straight down (or even slightly in front of me).

After realising that this was causing a breaking effect, I tried to plant the pole slightly behind and using it to push forward. After a few miles this became easier and I dare say will eventually become automatic.

Another 5.3 miles bringing my yearly total to 36.2 just a little behind my thousand mile target (I should be on 43.8 miles). Still, it’s early days.

Using the pole has made walking a lot less painful with my knee becoming a lot more movable. My ankle is still hurting a little but no worse. I feel like I’m on the way up 🙂

Rest day – tomorrow – honest!

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