Pole Dancing

A day after my pole assisted walk and the knee was still alright.

After work, I set off for a walk along the nearby canals taking the pole along with me. Again, being unused to the pole, it took a while to get into a stride but towards the end of the walk I was up to four mile per hour. My cadence is down a little on my normal walking but quicker than last night.

On the downside, the pole I was using (‘borrowed’ from my other half) features a pointy end (sorry to bog you down with technical terminology) and tended to slip on the paved sections of tow-path.

I will pop into Go Outdoors sometime in the next few days and pick up a pole (or pair of pole) of my own and make sure that I have both pointy and flat rubber ends.

Back to the walk, I walked through Saltley to Salford beneath Spaghetti Junction where I turned left to ascend Aston Locks back to the city. Another left at the highest point of the walk at Aston Junction took me through a couple of tunnels and back to where I’d started.

The knee was fine and the legs knew that they had been walking. All in all, I felt good – it was nice to be out and about again.

I’ll behave myself and have a rest day tomorrow, perhaps nipping in to Go Outdoors on the way home to peruse the walking poles section then, perhaps, a walk home from work on Wednesday?


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