The Christmas / New Year period has been rather quiet, walking / running-wise.

My sore knee has been giving me some gyp. Early in the new year, I went and saw my doctor who stuck a needle into my knee and took out some gunk. This gave some relief but my knee still didn’t feel right when walking – I didn’t even try running.

After a few weeks of enforced resting, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a walk. A walk home from work and then back in the following morning went okay but the knee was sore afterwards and I started a bit of a hobble.

Another week and approaching a state of stir-crazyness, I ventured out again but to take some stress off the troublesome joint, walked with a walking pole. I have always eschewed walking poles as cumbersome but trying to make my walking less painful, I gave them a second chance.

My first steps were a bit awkward and it took a few miles before I felt comfortable using the sticks. Staying local, I took a walk around nearby Water Orton, clocking up five and a half miles.

On my return, the knee was not too bad and the joint seemed a lot more flexible post-stroll. Perhaps, I’ll persevere with the pole and see how I get on.


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