Another Year, Another Thousand

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Last year (and the year before that) Country Walking magazine ran a scheme to get people to walk ONE THOUSAND MILES in the year. Now, that may sound a lot but it averages out at 2.74 miles per day. 

From January 1, 2017, I started on this thousand mile quest and was almost there half way through the year (933.6). I completed the thousand during an excellent walk around the Manifold and Dove Valleys on 27th July. 

Unfortunately, work really got in the way later in the year and my mileage dropped away to less that sixty miles a month. I was working twelve hours shifts, seven days a week. Not good for exercise – not good for family – not good for Kev.

Luckily, those nice people I work for, changed my workload putting me on normal Mondays to Fridays with weekends off. 

From October, my mileage started to creep back up and I even started running (green on the graph, above).

This year, I am planning on walking at least one thousand miles and have started to log my mileage on the Country Walking Progress Tracker which was included in the latest issue.

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