Weighty Issues

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Having had to do many, many extra hours at work over the past few months, I have had very little time to run, walk or just about anything else. As a result, my fitness has declined, my health deteriorated and my weight and clothes size increased.

Luckily, and at long last, we have some new staff at work and I can return to a more normal working pattern. This will enable me to restart a programme of walking and running and make me fitter. 

Not being at work every day, having to rely on convenience food, I should be able to eat better and hence become healthier.

The final part of this triad requires me to loose some body mass which is a polite way to say that I’m a little porky ! Ideally I would love to weight only 70kg (11 stone) but this is very much a long term goal. 

To help me achieve my weight loss, I am using an app called My Fitness Pal. This app is from the Under Armour stable, the same company as Endomondo which I use to log all my walks and runs. My Fitness Pal tracks the calories going in whereas Endomondo tracks those going out. The two are linked and work together.

My Fitness Pal is really easy to use. Once set up a daily calorie allowance is calculated based on how much weight needs to be lost (or gained). Foods consumed are easily entered either by searching through a list of over three million items or by scanning the bar code on the food wrapper.

The app quickly calculates how many calories, as well as how much fat, carbo and protein, have been consumed and how many are left for the day. Exercise calories, captured with Endomondo, are added so that on a training day, more calories can be taken in.

I have used this app previously and have been very satisfied with the results. So far, in just a week, I have lost a little over one kilogram, weighing in, today, at 95kg.

I’ve just entered my details into an NHS on-line form (link) and it confirms what I’ve written above, namely that I’m overweight and that my ideal weight is around 70kg.

So that’s it – game on !

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