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As planned, i left work around half seven and took a slow drive out to Kingsbury Waterpark arriving around 08:10. I paid my £2 for the car park (special rate for parkrunners – normally £4.50!), parked up and waited in the rain.

Around twenty to nine (kick off at nine) I left the dry comfort of the car and forced the legs off on a one mile warm up. It wasn’t easy to get moving but some ten minutes or so later they’d covered a mile and I was (sort of) warmed up.

After the obligatory safety talk, I and nearly three hundred other runners (yes, I’m a runner again) lined up for the start.

The plan was to start at the front, go out strong, put on a burst of speed if anyone tried to overtake me and finish with a sprint – yeh, right !!!

The REAL plan was to get around the 3.1 mile course – period.

That’s me !!!

The front of the throng moved ahead and I clicked the start button on my watch. I was planning on a nice easy run well within my fat-burning heart zone. We moved ahead I was soon trotting along, splashing through the many puddles. The heart rate steadily rose and for the latter part of the race was hovering around 150 which put it in the Anaerobic zone, meaning that I was almost flat out and in oxygen debt. It certainly didn’t feel like that! Perhaps in my, current, unfit condition, the normal zones don’t apply. Hopefully, as I get fit again, my heart rate will come down and be in the correct zone for the activity at hand. 

Run, fat boy, run

Anyway, I carried on, with the Garmin occasionally bleeping to warn me of my high heart rate, around the lakes and around half an hour after starting, I crossed the finish line. I remembered to push the stop button on my watch and glancing down saw that I’d run the 3.1 miles in 29:01. I was happy just to have finished my first proper run in seven months.

I collected my finishers’ tag then jogged off for a cool down before presenting my bar codes and getting in the car for home and bed.

Sometime during my slumber, I received a text and an email informing me of my performance …

Not my greatest time (by a long way) and strangely, NOT my fastest time this year even though the email congratulates me on that achievement.

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