The Master Plan

With a couple of events pencilled in on the calendar, I needed to devise some sort of training plan to ensure that I will be as ready as I can for the challenges ahead.

Using all the resources at hand, I have come up with what I call … the plan ! 

The main event is A Coventry Way in April. I have taken part in this event before, finishing the forty miles around Coventry with times of 10:37, 10:25 and 9:28. The last finish was this year where a ran parts of it, hence the much improved time. Next year (2018) I am hoping to run a few more parts of it and get that time down even further.

The plan consists of a pattern of two hard weeks followed by an easier week to recover a little before doing it all again (plus a bit more).

The most important bits are the long weekend runs, with a long and a very long day back to back followed by a rest day on Monday. Short / Medium runs for three days then Friday off before we’re back to the weekend.

In December, just before Christmas, I’m doing the Telford Tinsel Trail, a twenty miler from Ironbridge, taking in The Wrekin before returning to the birthplace of industry. I’ll be mostly walking this but hopefully will be jogging the easier sections.

With my newly negotiated shifts, I’ll be off most weekends so can return to parkrun on a Saturday morning, incorporating the three miler (or 5k for the pedantic). Depending on how I feel in the morning after the night shift, I may mosey on down to Kingsbury Water Park for a slow trot around parkrun – my first one since April.

My new shoes haven’t arrived yet, according to Royal Mail, they’ve got as far as Preston !

I’ve  also splashed out on a couple of pairs of walking trousers from GoOutdoors. They had a sale on !!!


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