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Strange Symbols

What is this strange symbol that has appeared on my Endomondo?

It appears to be a man who is running !

After work, this morning, I left the car in the works car park and set off towards the Grand Union canal and for the next fifty minutes ran and walked to The Ackers and back.

Trying to ease myself back into the running, I set a two minute run/two minute walk alert on my Fenix watch, selected RUN and was off. With the alert running, every two minutes, the watch would make a noise and display either WALK or RUN (whichever I wasn’t doing at the time).

It was a bit of a shock to the system being called upon move the legs in some strange motion but after a few cycles, the muscle memory had gotten over it’s Alzheimers and remembered what to do.

The resultant graph of my morning jaunt looks rather up and down, so I must have been doing it right.

Now that I have shown my body what needs to be done (and it seems to have gotten the message) my mind has turned to filling in some gaps in my fledgling training plan. With the prospect of weekends off from work, I can return to the Saturday morning ritual that is parkrun. There is also the Centurion Grand Prix which starts this coming Sunday although I’m not sure that the legs are quite ready for five miles of running just yet! Maybe next month?

Gearing Up

With a new found (re-found) interest in things physical, I have turned my attention to my running/walking kit. 

My main trail shoes are starting to wear on the sides (due to my bunions) so I’ve gone and ordered another pair. The same make and model but his time in an unassuming black.
Actually, I’ve bought TWO shoes
The next thing that I need, will be another pair of walking trousers to fit my slightly larger waist. Perhaps I’ll wait until Great Outdoors has a sale on?

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