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Saturday – it must be parkrun !

After last week’s excellent third place finish at Dolgellau parkrun, I returned to my home ground for this week’s. My…

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Back Home

My knee is still playing up. It’s swollen and sore but doesn’t get any worse when I exercise.I suppose that…

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Holiday – Tidying Up

Monday After my walk to Portmeirion and the resulting blistered heels, one of today’s tasks was to track down some…

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I am not a number

The committee (Sue and I) had decided on a visit to Portmeirion for today. Needing to get a few more…

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Best parkrun ever ?

I was up around seven and after breaking fast, jumped in the car, leaving Sue in the Land of nod….

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Going Coastal

After a restful night, I was up early to explore the area around our cottage. I headed along the edge…

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On Location

Pub LunchAfter working far too many shifts, including eight nights in a stretch, I finished work at 07:00 on Wednesday…

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Weighty Issues

Having had to do many, many extra hours at work over the past few months, I have had very little…

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New Shoes

After another gruelling night shift, I walk a mile and a bit from work to Saltley to catch a bus…

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Sunday Stroll

Legs are a little achey today after yesterday’s parkrun – but not too bad, not bad at all, really. Still…