24 Hours !!!

Firstly, it’s been a while since I last posted on this blog!

So, why have a decided to break ‘radio-silence’ all of a sudden. Well, it’s mainly due to me having signed up for a 24 hour race.

The event that I’ve chosen is the Cotswold 24 Hour Race (Link) being held on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd of July – 10 weeks away.

Why have I decided to do this ?

1) I want to try and achieve 100 miles.

I tried and failed to walk the LDWA 100 last year so have a bit of unfinished business with the distance.

100 miles in 24 hours is 4.16 miles per hour or a pace of 14′ 25″. I can walk at this pace on flat terrain (which this course is) but with breaks I’ll need to mix in a little running.

2) I need some Focus.

Having something to train for should give my training some purpose instead of my current hit and miss method. This haphazard approach is something to do with having to fill in at work by going back onto shifts for a while which makes consistency difficult having to switch from days to nights every few days.

The event will take place in Cirencester Park on the outskirts of, you guessed it, Cirencester, over a 9km loop. The terrain will be forest trails, open grassland and a short section of concrete path.

A benefit of a looped course is that most of one’s gear can be left at the start/finish point to pick up when needed. If I am to manage the 100 miles, I will need to do 18 laps !

Training-wise, I’m going to have to up my running but mainly a few long walks (or walk/runs) including a few back to backs, and some night-time excursions.

Well, that’s about enough for now – I’ve put my intentions down in black and white for all to see which should give me another reason not to back out.

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