Under Pressure

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I had 6 miles to run today so decided to do it by running into work.

The wrist mounted HRM jumped around a bit but settled down once into the run proper.

More alarming is the altimeter which gave this …

There’s no scale but I started at around 300 ft and ended up at -177 ft !!!

Substituting the data for Google’s results in this …

Again, starting at around 300 ft but following the ups and downs to finish at 346 ft.

My previous Fenix 3 had a faulty barometer and hence the altitude was all over the place. I just hope that it’s replacement isn’t suffering the same fate.  According to the forums, it’s a not uncommon problem.

‘ve re-calibrated the barometer and we’ll have to see how it fares otherwise it’s back to Go Outdoors for a refund !

I’m reluctant to send it back as I can’t find another model that has the features of the Fenix 3 – perhaps I’ll need to scour t’internet ?

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