Runnies (is there such a word?)

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Even though I’d had a decent work out walking from Wolverhampton earlier in the day, the running training plan called for a 4 mile RUN today.

Needing a bit of push, I arranged to meet the other half at The Griffin around 7 o’clock. I planned on running to said boozer a distance of 6 miles. A bit further than the plan but I’d swap today with tomorrow.

I tried to run a steady pace or more importantly a steady heart rate. The trace is a bit erratic at the start. I’m not sure whether that was actually my heart of a glitch with the watch. After half a mile, it settled down to around 126 bpm.
The prominent dip around 4 miles is where I stopped to change the batteries in my head-torch. With a bright pool of light ahead of me, I quickly covered the remaining couple of miles.

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