Happy New Year

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Firstly, may I wish everyone a Happy New Year ?

I’m not one for resolutions so I won’t go on about losing so much weight, drinking less, running faster etc. etc. What I will do is highlight my plans for 2017.

I will be having another stab at a 100 miler. The LDWA event this year happens to fall on the same weekend as my inconsiderate niece’s wedding (only joking). The 2018 event will be in Kent.

To qualify for the LDWA 100, I need to do one of a number of events beforehand. My usual qualifier is the Round Rotherham 50. Due to another bit of bad timing, the 50 miler is the day before the inaugural Birmingham Marathon which I’ve already signed up for.

I have found another suitable qualifier, the Wenlock Olympian Walk. This 50 miler will take place in July with enrties opening on 7th Jan. I must remember to sign up on time.

To summarise, the highlights of the forthcoming year are …

  • 19 Feb – Welly Half – 13M
  • 25 Feb – South Shropshire – 25M
  • 18 Mar – Charnwood Marathon – 27M
  • 9 Apr – A Coventry Way – 40M
  • 17 Jun – Malvern Madness – 26M
  • 15 Jul – Wenlock Olympian Walk – 50M
  • 6 Aug – Dovedale Dipper – 26M
  • 27 Aug – Sandwell Six Towns – 26M
  • 15 Oct – Birmingham Marathon – 26M

Well that’s the plan – let’s hope that I can stick to it.

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