Parkrun, and then some

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My training plan called for 10 miles today.

Being a Saturday means it’s parkrun-day. Now parkrun is only 5k (a little over 3 miles) so I needed to add another 7 miles somewhere.

I decided after planning a few options (with plotaroute – see last post HERE) to park a bit further away from the parkrun to enable a run to and a run from the venue.

I parked at Middleton Lakes RSPB centre and ran just over 3 miles, along the canal and through the waterpark. I arrived about 15 minutes before the start of the parkrun but managed to keep warm until kick-off.

The parkrun itself went well, very well even, and I managed to get around in a time of 25:32 – my best parkrun this year. As my parkrun email stated …

You finished in 87th place and were the 76th male out of a field of 301 parkrunners and you came 5th in your age category VM55-59.

Following weeks of trying to run in zone 2, the graph of today’s main event looks quite a bit different with an average heart-rate of 135 bpm.

After having my barcodes scanned, I set off for an easier 4 miler back to the car.

Again, after a mile through the waterpark, I was back on the canal which I followed until my GPS told me that I’d done 3 miles, whereupon, I turned around.
After 4 miles, I stopped the watch and after a very gentle jog, I walked back to the car.

I will treat my first run as a warm up and the last as a cool down.

Parking a bit further away and running to and fro seemed to work quite well, a pattern I may well repeat.

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