When planning a new route, I often use the Add Workout / Draw Route For New Workout option of endomondo.

Endomondo uses some variant of Google Maps but for some strange reason does not show train lines nor Railway Stations – useful if you’re planning on using the train to get to or from your walk / run. There is also a total lack of the little yellow man to switch to Street View.

I have also tried MapmyRun (or walk) which has Railways and Yellow Man but is, I find, a little fiddly to use and sometimes downright flaky !

Today, I discovered Plotaroute. This is a free website (with a small sidebar for ads which can be removed with a £12 annual subscription.)

This website shows all the above with a choice of maps / satellite images.

A really handy trick is the auto-routing which will fill in the path between two points; either on the roads or on paths. You can even switch mid route to fill in any gaps where there is neither.

There is even an option to highlight cycle (and therefore pedestrian) friendly tracks.

The routes, once completed, can be ‘played’ with a cursor moving along the route (and optional profile section). There is an option to set your average speed and it will calculate the times at points along the route.

The finished route can be saved and downloaded (once registered – free) in any of the usual mapping formats – .gpx, .tcx, .kml etc.

You can, even, save the route as a graphic (.png) to print out.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m quite impressed with this and will be using this as my go to route planner.


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