GPSMap v Forerunner

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Following on from my last post, I recorded my run today, as usual on my Forerunner 230 GPS watch and on my GPSMap 62s hand held GPS.

I ran, according to the watch, 4 miles. At this point, the GPSMap was only showing 3.96 miles so I ran on until it too read 4 miles.

I loaded both tracks into endomondo and they looked like this …

Heart rate is about identical. The handheld recorded a smoother, more realistic height profile but the pace is all over the shop.
I loaded both tracks onto a map and again there are marked differences …

Again, the GPS watch has come out on top. The GPSMap has the option of setting the recording interval so perhaps was too great an interval between recording steps?

This was little more an an experiment but it does show the different ways in which different devices record the same run.

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