Back to Back

Luckily, the pain in my shin didn’t return and I managed an easy 3 miles on Thursday going around another local loop.

Friday was a rest day.

Saturday, after a 12 hours shift, was a 7 mile run home. A bit chilly on the ears and my chest / tummy  was rather cold by the time I got home – nothing a hot shower couldn’t fix.

Sunday morning, I was up with the larks (or even earlier) and out of the front door by 05:20. That’s twenty past five in the very a.m. !

It took me a while to get everything working but that’s part of the reason for doing these back to back runs. You need to teach the body to run when tired.

I arrived at work well before my start time of 07:00 giving me time to shower and change before getting my nose to the grindstone.

All in all, a good week.

All to plan with another 24 miles of running in the legs (plus another 11 from walking).
Tomorrow is my Birthday and I’m planning on catching the train to Lichfield and walking the Heart of England Way to Shustoke arriving around 7pm when The Griffin opens – well it is my Birthday.


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