Six Weeks On

It’s not fair !!!

Six week on what?

Six weeks ago, I started running again (sounds a bit like an alcoholics’ meeting).

From my initial run/walk sessions where I was running for 2 minutes then walking for 2, I am now running continuously for 7 miles.

I used to run. I stopped after the Coventry Half Marathon in May 2015. In fact I’d only re-started running a few months before that.

As you know, I hadn’t been idle in between – I had been walking. Not ambling around like some moody teenager – called Kevin! but proper fitness walking.

I had initially started the walking just as a means of getting to work (which at the time was about 3 miles distant). The mileage crept up and I ended up doing a 100km charity walk along the Thames.

After that event, I just carried on (not straight after, derrr !) but have completed a number of challenge walks up to 50 miles. I did attempt a 100 miler earlier this year but that didn’t go quite to plan (horrible details HERE).

Team Baldry

So why have I re-started running (or should that be re-re-started – at least) ?

Since 2008, Birmingham has hosted the Birmingham Half Marathon which I have run 3 times, once with my wife !

Next year, as in 2017, the Birmingham Half Marathon is becoming the Birmingham Marathon – the full 26.2 miles. Well, I’ve just got to do the first Birmingham Marathon – don’t I ?

I’ve also, secretly admired those runners who take part in the challenge walks that I do and would like to add a bit of running to my efforts and become …

… an ultra runner !

Now, I don’t know what the run / walk ratio needs to be to qualify as a runner. It’s probably one of those vague answers like “what’s the difference between running and jogging?”

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Any road up, I think of myself as a runner now. After a 7 mile run into work this evening, I have clocked up 22 miles this week.

I shall keep upping the milage (gradually) building up to the Welly Half at Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire in February. The course is mainly through fields and, at the moment, I am planning on running it very easily trying to keep in that Zone 2 I keep harping on about (fat burning). The cut off for the Half is 5 hours so there’s no need to rush – it’s not a race you know (technically it is).


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