This LSD may well supply the runner with a high – a runner’s high.

In this case the L, S and D stand for Long, Slow and Distance. It’s a training run which is long enough to condition the body to being on the feet. The actual distance varies depending on the distance one is training for. The run is done slow enough to condition the body to metabolise fat, to make recovery easier and to lower the chances of injury.

I’m building up the distance of my long weekend runs, adding a little bit each week.

Today’s run was 6 miles which is, just about, the distance from work to home. Finishing work at 07:00, I started with a mile along the canal before running along the, still, quiet streets of Alum Rock before joining the River Cole Walkway to Shard End. From there it was another mile and a half through Castle Bromwich before my watch buzzed to let me know that I’d run my required 6 miles.

I walked the remaining half mile home as a cool down.

My running was in Zone 2 and I averaged 9:57 min/mile – still getting faster for the same effort.

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