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After my odd rest day on Monday, where I walked 19 miles, the next three days’ runs were each of
three miles.

  • Tuesday was my local circular run to Water Orton,
  • Wednesday was an out and back along the canals from work,
  • Thursday – out and back in the other direction.
I ran each day with my HRM and kept (for the most part) below 130 bpm. Amazingly, even though I ran at the same intensity, my pace was creeping up …
  • Tue – 10:12 min/mile
  • Wed – 10:07 min/mile
  • Thu – 10:00 min/mile
Perhaps I’m just getting fitter or I’m getting used to running to the HRM. 
I have noticed that when running downhill, my heart rate drops (as expected) so I can run a bit faster and still keep the HR below 130.

Friday, I had a proper, no running / no walking, rest day.

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