Well, it is Sunday

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As regular readers will know, Sunday (when I’m not working) is Griffin Day.

With my HRM strapped on and my watch set to alert me if I went over 130 bpm (see yesterday’s post) I set off for a steady run to said watering hole.

The run was uneventful, I even took the direct route which is all on paved surfaces.

I managed to keep my heartrate in Zone 2 (below 130 bpm) most of the time but it did creep up when ascending hills, as can be seen on the graph …

As you can see, the heart rate rises and falls with the altitude. Well it is harder running up a hill than down !

That’s another week over – 21.6 miles run and 27 miles walked – and all to plan.

Tomorrow is one of my rest / cross-training days and I’m planning on catching the train to Stafford and walking to Wolverhampton – about 19 miles.

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